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Cowboy boots are making their comeback! They are seen everywhere in festivals, big cities and on social media, it's definitely the biggest trend right now. 

The origin of the cowboy boot 

The history of the cowboy boot dates back to the 1800s. They were initially worn by «cow-boys» who needed resistant and durable boots to work on the ranch.  

Then, by the 1900s, cowboy boots were not only worn for work, but were also beginning to appear as a fashion accessory. 

How to style it 

Cowboy boots have become a must-have in a wardrobe!! You can easily style it with pieces that you already have! With shorts, a denim skirt or a nice western style dress, you’ll catch many looks ! 

Cowboy boots … in cactus leather !

As you may already know, Ecofino’s mission is to offer you trendy and stylish shoes, but also sustainable ! 

Since we are big fans of cowboy boots, we couldn’t do otherwise than create some for our Fall 2023 collection 😉🌵

Psst. If you wish to learn more about cactus leather, here’s one of our blog posts that you might like!

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