Our values


The leather used for Ecofino shoes is unique. This new plant-based tanning technique uses valuable and sustainable agents and employs a dyeing technique based on natural and synthetic pigments instead of harsh chemicals.


The genuine leather used in our shoes deliberately employs some of the finest raw materials nature has to offer. Instead of chrome, we use pure plant-based substances such as tare, valonea, and rhubarb for tanning. That said, our genuine leather remains a noble and safe product of nature.


The color used in our leather is exclusively derived from the rich pigments of plant-based tanning agents.


The outstanding characteristics of this chrome-free leather are developed via the “pull-up effect”. This means that the surface of the vegetal-tanned and authentic leather is mechanically worked and treated with natural oils and waxes. No heavy metals or chemicals are used in this process.


The leather that is used as lining is known for its utterly natural and airy quality. The vegetal-based tanning process results in not only exceptional breathability, but also in amazing skin compatibility, meaning you can wear our shoes completely barefoot if you wish!


Our leather fulfills the highest standards of ecology and health measures and have been examined by several independent testing authorities.


Customers want leather that won’t irritate their skin and unfortunately, most conventional leathers cannot fulfill this wish. The increasing number of skin allergies involving chrome causes a difficulty for people with these allergies and have unfortunately been neglected in the shoe business for many years.


That’s why we opted for a leather that’s compatible with sensitive allergy-prone skin, making our shoes accessible to everyone! This eco-leather has been tested through and through to ensure safety and respect of the industry norms. Tests have been conducted with all of our different Ecopell colors – all of which passed. Once again, our customers have one less problem to worry about!


The cattle used for the production of ecological leather live outdoors in a completely sustainable and safe environment. All animals used in the confection our products have been brought up in a very healthy and respectful manner. 


Animal hides naturally display larger or smaller irregularities that are due to the life circumstances of the animals. However, natural features such as scratches and uneven texture do not reduce the functional quality of the product. The integral strength that provides long performance is not compromised. That said, it’s totally normal and expected for you to find small irregularities in your leather shoes.


If you ever come across a pair with very noticeable and bothersome defects, do not hesitate to contact us so we can evaluate the matter properly.