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It's no secret that the textile and footwear industry is constantly renewing itself and creating new processes and materials, making it difficult to choose as a consumer what best suits our needs and values. In this article, we will look at the difference between vegan leather and ecological leather in order to better enlighten you. 

Vegan leather

By definition, the term “vegan” is used when talking about a person who excludes from his diet any product of animal origin and adopts an animal-friendly lifestyle. Of course, if you give importance to the choices you make when shopping and prioritize products that call themselves "vegan", it is important to validate that the shoe is not made from animal products as well as made in an environment that respects animals. 

Let's dig deeper. If a company claims that its shoe production is vegan, and therefore, without animal products, the shoe may be made of synthetic leather. Synthetic leather seems, at first glance, a good option since it is cruelty-free. However, it is not necessarily environmentally friendly due to the dioxins released during its combustion, chemicals used to make this organic material more sustainable and so on. 

Some would call it playing ostrich and sticking our heads in the sand if we don't do more research and stop at the fact that our shoes are "vegan" to buy them. As mentioned above, yes, animals are not slaughtered for creation but the complete practice of production is not environmentally friendly and can actually harm where these animals live.

Eco-friendly leather 

Now, let's look at the ecological term derived from science which has as its object the relations of living beings through animals, plants and microorganisms with their environment, as well as with other living beings.Ecological leather is therefore respectful of the environment AND animals.

At Ecofino, the cows used for the production of ecological leather are raised freely in a safe and sustainable environment. When the animal dies of natural causes, each component of it is used for various purposes (food, production of goods, etc.) with the aim of avoiding any type of waste. We have also taken care to replace the use of chromium with purely vegetable substances such as tare, valonea and rhubarb. Also, did you know that chromium is responsible for a lot of intolerances and foot illness? That’s why we have decided to remove this substance from the production of our shoes! 

We have now highlighted the difference between vegan leather and ecological leather. If you have more questions about our production process, our ecological leather or any other subject, do not hesitate to write to us! It will be our pleasure to discuss with you. 

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