Our values

Our mission

We’ve been in the shoes industry since 1959. That said, we’ve seen a lot of shoes, a lot of trends and a lot of the negative impacts that the shoe industry has on our planet. We couldn’t help but wonder: how can we continue to make great quality shoes without hurting animals and the ecosystem? That’s how we came up with the idea for ECOFINO. A collection of totally sustainable shoes that still offer amazing quality without any harm on the environment.

Our mission as a brand is to offer quality, sustainable footwear with undeniable comfort. We only work with the best manufacturers and suppliers who share the same values as we do. Our goal is to reduce our ecological footprint and to work in collaboration with ethical, respectful and innovative manufacturers in order to offer a new way to shop for shoes.

Combining style, innovation and tradition, we believe that ECOFINO is the future of footwear. We hope to inpire you to reduce your ecological footprint and make the world a little greener.