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Have you ever heard of the term “wiser consumption”? Let’s break it down together! 

Wiser consumption is a term for more responsible, more thoughtful consumption. Many people think that responsible consumption means that the product must only be ecological. It is much more than that. Thoughtful consumption is based on a way of thinking that integrates concern for self, for the community, for nature and results in the adoption of behaviors that aim to temper excess consumption (Sheth et al., 2011). 

So to consume better would be to say that when you’re buying and encouraging companies, it’s important to make sure that the company is offering responsible products, if that’s what you want.  

We launched Ecofino in order to bring a responsible option for the shoe industry. We respect the environment, animals, the planet and the resources it provides. To do so, we only work with suppliers who share the same values as us and who do not go against our principles. They are treated ethically and paid fairly. 

Good news! 

We will soon introduce a new eco-friendly material to our collection! Does shoes made from recycled fabric in water bottles or from overproduction of clothing that reduces waste speak to you? Well, it certainly speaks to us! 

Do not hesitate to ask us your questions, we will be happy to answer them! Stay tuned to discover our new styles in recycled textiles 🤭

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