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The excitement of the holiday season makes us all want to overconsume. Don’t blame yourself; With sparkling shop windows, big discounts and gift sets everywhere, it can get easily overwhelming!  Here are our little tips for a Christmas without excessive consumption. 

1 Encourage businesses that reflect your values 

Make your loved ones happy by offering them corporate gifts that reflect your values and make considerable efforts in the fight for the environment! Buying gifts from local companies is also a great way to encourage the economy. 

2 Wrap your gifts with recyclable materials 

Why not opt for eco-friendly gift wrapping this year? Small ornaments and metallic packaging are super cute, but they can't be recycled! 

3 Don't waste food from your buffets

Like many, I love a big Christmas buffet with comfort food and its unifying aspect! We are privileged enough to access abundance, let's not waste it. Share the leftovers with your family, friends and neighbors! Freezing the leftovers is also an excellent option! Pay it forward by carrying your leftovers in a community fridge. Click here for a list of addresses of community fridges in Quebec.

4 Are you tired of your decorations? Here's an option! 

In the same spirit as a clothing exchange, why not make one for Christmas decorations with those around you? It makes it possible for you to have "new decoration" without having to actually buy any! 

Tell us in the comment what you do to avoid overconsumption during this festive time! Ecofino team wishes you an wonderful holiday season! xx 

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