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Today, we reveal the process of creating a shoe from A to Z! Have you always been curious about how a shoe is created? Read the next few lines to discover the development that may seem simple, but is more complex than you might think. 

Trend research 

The first step in the creation of our collections is first of all the trend research. In the fashion industry, both clothing and shoes are developed seasons in advance so that everything is ready for the desired season since sometimes production times can be longer than estimated. For example, in the last few months we have been working on the Spring 2023 and Autumn 2023 collection for Ecofino. We use several tools to see what colors, materials, soles and styles will be trendy. 

The creation of the collection 

Following our trend research, Myriam, the designer will draw the styles to send to the suppliers by specifying the materials we want, the colors and even small details that we do not necessarily think as a consumer such as the color of the laces, the color of the stiching, the color of the inside of the shoe and more.

The production 

Then, the sketches of the new styles are sent to production. The factories will create samples that we receive in order to test them and make the necessary modifications if needed before production in the different quantities actually begins. Then we receive the collection at our warehouses. 

The photoshoot 

The final steps, but which are not to be neglected are the photoshoot (to create content to share on our social media) as well as the posting of products on our website.

And that's the process of developing a shoe collection! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 😃

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