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In the last article, we mentioned that chrome is a chemical substance often used to ensure the durability of synthetic leather or even for true leather. Now, let’s discover the impacts that this substance can have on your feet, on your skin or even on the environment. 

Chrome that we can find in leather shoes can cause severe allergic reactions and even go as far as cause rashes. Especially, chrome contributes to contaminating urban atmospheres, in other words: our planet

Fortunately, we understood that and have worked hard to offer you shoes that are safe for your health but also for the environment. 

In our DESERTO collection, each of our styles are consciously made of cactus leather. If you’ve never heard of that, cactus leather is an easy process that is safe for the environment. Briefly, the leaves of cactus that are considered mature are cut without damaging the cactus or even the biodiversity of the environment in which it grows. No irrigation system is required. Then, the leaves are placed to be dried in the sun for about 3 days. The raw material is then involved in a patented DESERTO formula. Then, we add the formula that will transform it into a leather capable of producing various objects; among others, our vegan shoes. 

That said, not only do our shoes respect the environment, but they also respect your feet. This is what we always keep in mind when creating Ecofino shoes; the desire to offer you shoes that share your values.

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